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GEOLIFE® Gardens & Farms

Whether large-scale agriculture or small-scale gardens, organic or conventional, significant increases in yield and quality are typical results of using GEOLIFE® Gardens & Farms.


This photo of broccoli florets is from an agronomic evaluation
done at the University of Chapingo, Mexico. Learn more at this
link about using: GEOLIFE® Farms.

Find out more here about typical TEST RESULTS with GEOLIFE® Farms. GEOLIFE® Farms resulted in up to 2 times more Vitamin C in broccoli, and 2.1 times more Vitamin C in potatoes.

Learn more about the possibility of creating your own richly fertile soil, with excellent water retention capacity, and the resulting high quality and abundant food. Click here: GEOLIFE® Gardens.

"Read what Emily had to say about tomatoes produced with GEOLIFE®Gardens at TESTIMONIALS. And she is not the only one excited about food produced with GEOLIFE® Gardens!

GEOLIFE® – High yields, high quality. . . naturally

Developed in Switzerland—the heart of Europe’s centuries-long tradition for sustainable natural systems and innovative precision technology — GEOLIFE™ offers organic/natural solutions in numerous fields


Developed in Europe, with its centuries-long tradition for sustainable natural systems and innovative precision technology, GEOLIFE®offers organic solutions in numerous fields.

The GEOLIFE®product lines are the result of decades of research, product development, and testing. Extremely effective combinations of highest-quality ingredients including plant extracts and selected microorganisms – coupled with the revolutionary GEOLIFE® technology – provide "chemical-free", organic solutions for sustainable and abundant agricultural, environmental, livestock, and human health systems for the 21st century.

GEOLIFE® – Strengthening our health . . . naturally