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Still using chemicals on your lawn?
Chemicals still being used on your local golf course?

The very good results on this Italian golf course were achieved through the use of the 3-application GEOLIFE® Agriculture product. GEOLIFE® resulted in healthy, robust grass with excellent resistance against fungus and parasites, and in lower costs due to the substantial reduced need for chemical fungicides and pesticides. Typical advantages with GEOLIFE® on lawns / golf courses also include the regeneration of depleted soil and better water retention, resulting in reduced water usage and increased resistance to drought or heavy rains.

Hydroponic Growers:
If you are interested in using GEOLIFE® in a hydroponics application, please contact us for individual consultation. Some advantages that you will likely experience by using GEOLIFE® in a hydroponic system is that it will not clog the pipes and it will probably result in produce with better taste."